On the Trail of Merlin

A major new trail uncovering the true story of Merlin and his ties to the south of Scotland has been unveiled.

The legend of Merlin the wizard is known the world over and the newly launched Merlin Trail explores the story of a real man who may have lived during the Dark Ages in southern Scotland.

The Merlin Trail exploring the true story of Merlin and his ties to the south of Scotland was launched in Moffat today.

Made up of four weekend sections which can be walked or driven, the trails each have different themes covering more than 30 sites across Dumfries & Galloway and the Scottish Borders, and stretching to East Lothian and the Central Belt.

To support the trail, a new website www.merlintrail.com provides information on each location and signposts visitors to other attractions and areas of interest in the local region.

The route has been developed by the Arthur Trail Association to encourage visitors to learn more about the story of the man behind the legend. According to them, Merlin was a man of learning and one of the last great Druids of Dark Age Scotland whose story was later embellished and became known the world over as part of the legend of Arthur.

The launch of the trail coincides with the opening of a new permanent exhibition at Moffat Museum, which will offer insights into how people lived during a little-known but dramatic and dynamic period.

For more information on the Merlin Trail and accompanying book, visit www.merlintrail.com

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