£8.6 Million for Heritage Projects

Scotland’s seven cities are set to benefit from over £8.6 million of investment for heritage-led regeneration projects.

The funding is being released through the City Heritage Trust programme, which is administered by Historic Environment Scotland (HES).

Each of Scotland’s seven cities has an organisation working as a City Heritage Trust (CHT) to enhance the condition, maintenance and understanding of the historic environment in their city.

Delivered from 2018-2021, the HES funding will allow CHTs to direct resources to local heritage-led projects that will create jobs, regenerate buildings and city precincts, provide training opportunities in the sector and lever additional funding from other sources.

The funding will be distributed over the next three years to the following CHTs:

Aberdeen City Heritage Trust - £901,100

Dundee Historic Environment Trust - £750,000

Edinburgh World Heritage Trust - £2,655,500

Glasgow City Heritage Trust - £2,550,000

Inverness City Heritage Trust - £250,000

Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust - £750,000

Stirling City Heritage Trust - £750,000

In partnership with HES, and working collaboratively with local authorities and other groups, CHTs will deliver this funding through their own programmes to eligible local projects.

The programme, now in its 15th year, has delivered successful funding projects including revitalised city centre precincts, repaired and restored buildings that have opened up new spaces for residential and commercial use, programmes to support training like traditional building skills, and activities and events to raise heritage awareness among communities.

Past funding has enabled CHTs to deliver significant transformative projects, including Glasgow City Heritage Trust’s idea to convert the derelict and B-listed ‘Pump House’ building on the River Clyde into a working whisky distillery and visitor centre. The Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust has led a project to bring a historic tenement in Perth’s High Street back into use as residential and shop space. The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust are overseeing a project to make the A-listed ‘City Observatory’ on Calton Hill publicly accessible for the first time in decades.

Alex Paterson, Chief Executive of HES, who recently visited Perth to view the successful projects delivered by the Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust, said: “Through schemes such as City Heritage Trust funding, organisations best placed to understand local needs have the opportunity to not only improve the condition and quality of their local historic environment, but align projects to deliver the best possible outcomes in their communities.

“We want to ensure more of the money we spend is directed by communities themselves - by the individuals and organisations who know best how to tackle the issues affecting their communities and harnessing the energy of local people.”

“We are seeing the positive impacts previous funding rounds have had on local communities, including the employment opportunities generated and stronger economies from successful commercial ventures.”

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