Angela Musk Releases New EP

Letters is the brand-new EP from Scottish singer-songwriter Angela Musk. The 4-track EP is set for release on Friday 13th December.

Releasing this much-anticipated body of work, Angela has written each song in the style of a letter that addresses something that people might find difficult to talk about in person. Each track is direct, honest and unapologetic and an outlet for personal exploration.   

Angela released her first EP, entitled Inspiration, when she was only 16 years old. She wrote the material within a year of losing her mother and each track explores the emotional turmoil she felt dealing with that loss.

In her new EP Letters, Angela continues to share some honest and direct lyrics that explore difficult emotions such as grief and love.

Angela says: “The songs in Letters aren’t afraid to address subjects which are painful, but perhaps not discussed very openly within society. The first track ‘Can I let Go’ was written as a letter to my mother - it talks about all the things that I would love to do with her if she was still here.  I reflects over on the beautiful memories I have, all the memories I wish I could make, yet also explore the feeling of no longer wanting to reflect on the painful time when she was in her final days. The song asks permission to let go of those painful memories and the guilt of not feeling close to her anymore, yet still maintain the feeling of immeasurable love for her. 

I really hope that each of the tracks will speak to people from all different walks of life. The four songs address difficult emotions that are universally relatable but also notoriously difficult to talk about.”

Can I Let Go’ talks about death which isn’t a topic that people find easy to discuss. Understandably many find the idea of losing someone, or being faced with terminal illness themselves, incredibly scary. The title track is Angela showing that talking about and addressing death, grieving and guilt is okay and in so many ways it can help. The incredible strength that people show in the darkest most surreal times of their lives is something that Angela wants to recognise and celebrate. 

‘In Another World’ explores the feeling of being in love with someone that you can never have. It describes the feeling that at a different time, in another life, there could have been a place for that love, but it wasn’t to be. The realisation that you can still feel love for them and hold a place in your heart for them and wish them well, even if you can’t be with them. This shines through in the lyrics of this track. 

‘Something’s Changed’ was written about nearing the end of a relationship and the painful recognition that things are no longer what they were. Despite the pain and angst that comes with a break-up, the song describes the process of accepting that sometimes what feels like the cruellest decisions are also sometimes the kindest. 

‘To be Free’ was written about the freedom of childhood, about experiencing the world through the innocent eyes of youth and living in a world of imagination and possibility and fun. This is something that Angela feels is important at any age, to strive to live as fully as possible and this song reflects on the feeling of being so ultimately free. 

Recorded in Autumn 2019, at Castlesound Studios by Stuart Hamilton, the 4 track EP features a 6 piece line up including; Brendan Musk - Piano and Trumpet , Stewart Musk - Violin, Patrick Kenny - Trombone, Harry Brunt - Saxophone , Grant Kilpatrick - Guitar and Euan Sked - Drums.

Letters will be available via digital download/streaming sites and there will be a limited number of CDs for sale.

Find her on social at:

● Facebook: Angela Musk Music

● Instagram: @angelamuskmusic

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