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Oban Distillery to net zero by end of year

As part of owner Diageo’s latest 10-year sustainability action plan, two Scottish distilleries, including Oban, will reach zero carbon emissions by the end of this year.

The distilleries of Oban and Royal Lochnagar will be the first to turn to 100% renewable energy, as Diageo aims to achieve this target for its entire portfolio of 28 single-malt production plants by 2030. As heat is the largest user of energy in the distillation process, the conversion of boilers to renewable liquid biofuels generated from vegetable oil residues has been the most important advance at Oban and Royal Lochnagar.

Diageo’s smallest and second smallest distilleries in Scotland are Royal Lochnagar and Oban, each producing less than one million liters of alcohol per year.

Ewan Andrew, Diageo’s chief sustainability officer, said that acting now “critical” was “if we are to preserve the wonderful world we all live in.”

“I’m proud that we’ve already halved our own carbon footprint and that we’ll continue to strive to become carbon neutral by 2030,” he said. “It feels fitting that we are leading the way with the Oban and Royal Lochnagar distilleries, both of which will be carbon neutral by the end of the year.”


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