Terms and Policies

Covid Guidelines

We are now taking walking tour bookings and day tours scheduled for 2022. However, if public health guidelines change, or if we feel you our ourselves are unsafe, if necessary, we reserve the right to cancel or curtail a tour.

We require that all of our driving guests be fully vaccinated, thank you for your assistance in keeping us and our other guests as safe as possible. 

We will take precautions to keep ourselves and our guests safe, including wearing masks when needed and using hand gel. If you are suffering from any symptoms on the day of your tour, please talk to us and we'll work something out. 



Payment for Oban walking tours is due at time of booking, but is refundable up to 24 hours before the walk. 

Full payment for day tours and private taxi hire service is required at time of booking. For a cancellation more than six (6) weeks prior to the trip, which must be notified to the company in writing by e-mail, we will issue a refund minus a processing fee of 25% and any non refundable attraction or ferry tickets that have been pre purchased on your behalf, PLUS a £50 credit for any future day tour with Imagine Alba (excludes Oban Walking Tours). For cancellations with less than two weeks notice, no refund will be issued, however, you will receive a £50 credit. If you book a tour or taxi with less than 6 weeks notice, the same policy applies. 

The following schedule of refunds apply:


  • More than 6 weeks before start - 75% refund + £50 credit

  • 4-6 weeks before start - 50% refund + £50 credit

  • 2-4 weeks before start-25% refund + £50 credit

  • 2 weeks or less before start- No refund + £50 credit

Make sure that your travel insurance cover includes tour and transportation cancellation so you are not out of pocket if you need to cancel for any reason. 

If Imagine Alba finds it necessary to cancel your booked tour or taxi due to unforeseen circumstances on our part (i.e, illness, vehicle issues, etc) that are not due to force majeure (beyond our control, such as severe weather or ferry cancellation or road closure, etc) an alternate tour or a full refund will be issued to you.

Cancellation policy for force majeure, including severe weather and ferry cancellation

The weather in Scotland is changeable, and any time of year we can expect rain at some point. Because of this, we do not routinely cancel or offer refunds for tours due to normal rainy or windy weather.


Imagine Alba may need to cancel or curtail your trip under exceptional circumstances, such as severe weather, ferry cancellations, road closures and traffic incidents. Island tours, especially, may be affected by ferry cancellations due to weather, mechanical issues, crew self isolation due to Covid, or other factors.

However, we cannot offer full compensation for a tour that is cancelled due to the factors mentioned above, therefore, we will offer one of the following:

  • An alternative day tour on the mainland or other island, on that day, if conditions are safe to do so. Any difference in cost for your tour will be refunded or added, minus any ferry and attractions booking fees.

  • A full credit for a future tour, as availability allows, that does not carry an expiration date.

Minimum Age/Height 

Oban Walking Tours and taxi are open to all ages. According to government regulations, children are not required to use a special car seat in a private hire taxi vehicle. However, we do not provide child seating, so if you do not provide your own seat, all children must be tall enough to wear a seat belt comfortably, and are required to sit in the rear of the vehicle. 

Travel insurance 

We recommend that you take out travel insurance before your journey that includes cancellation protection and covers death, personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, loss of or damage to luggage and contents and loss or theft of money and personal belongings. Imagine Alba will not be responsible for loss of or damage to baggage or personal possessions or consequential loss. All overseas visitors are required to carry insurance to cover accident and repatriation.


Cruise ships/port excursion cancellation

No refund will be issued in case of cancellation due to your cruise ship missing its scheduled port of call within 2 weeks of your tour, as per our normal refund policy. We suggest you ensure that trip interruption coverage is part of your travel insurance package.

Health and safety

The Imagine Alba team takes the health and safety of our guests seriously. Your vehicle and driver/guides are fully insured. We reserve the right to refuse to carry any person or persons who appears ill, or whose conduct or manner is likely to cause offence or upset to others or who appears under the influence of drugs or alcohol- there will be no refund and we may have no further liability to those passengers. Guests may not carry illegal substances while in our vehicle. If we feel that you are not safely attired for the activity, we reserve the right to modify any tour.  Guests must at all times abide by the directions of, and be respectful towards, the employees of Imagine Alba.


If you suffer from any medical condition or limitation that may affect your ability to complete a tour, please let your guide know upon booking so we can plan a suitable tour for your. If you are unable to start or complete your tour due to an undisclosed medical condition, we may alter your tour, but cannot refund any monies.


In the unlikely event you wish to file a complaint, please do so promptly with the guide and we will endeavour to find a resolution during your tour, or contact us within 28 days of your tour by email.


Please wear Scottish weather appropriate gear, including layers of warm, waterproof clothing and footwear.


Before booking a tour, please read our refunds and cancellations policy.