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Falls of Lora- Chasing the White Dogs

Loch Etive reaches the sea at Connel, Gaelic for the “White Dogs”, at the Falls of Lora, where they roil and foam as if by magic under the impressive cantilever bridge that, when built for the railroad, was the second longest spanning railroad bridge in Britain, second only to the Forth Bridge.

The name Etive is believed to mean ‘little ugly one’ from the Gaelic goddess associated with the loch- though the beautiful views over this scenic loch belie that name. Home to seals and other exciting wildlife that can be seen chasing their meals through the falls, it is very deep, with depths up to 200 metres, with shallow shelves that cause the waters to form "falls" when the tides change.

You might recognise this iconic bridge from the film "Eye of the Needle" in which Donald Sutherland races across on a motorcycle.


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