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The Imagine Alba Podcast- Scottish Curling

If you are like us and are addicted to the winter Olympics, no doubt you’ll be glued to your telly for the next two weeks. And while sports such as ski jumping, ice dancing and more recently, snow boarding, have traditionally been the darlings of the games, over the past couple of Olympics, curling has emerged as one to watch- which is funny, considering that Curling is actually one of the world’s oldest team sports. Even Mr T is a fan, with the hashtag, #CurlingisCoolfool trending on Twitter this week. on today’s episode, we Imagine... the decidedly Scottish sport of curling!

Listen here:

Music on this episode includes The Mongrel by Imagine Alba, Scotland the Brave by Eric M Armour and Oh Canada from

A photograph from the National Galleries Scotland called Five Men Curling by William Notman, dated 31 December 1891

A painting by Sir George Harvey called The Curlers, dated 31 December 1835 .

Here is a short video explaining the basics of curling:

How curling stones are made:

Hurry Hard!

Want to try your hand at curling? The Royal Caledonian Curling Club holds taster sessions at rinks across the country- all you need is warm comfy clothing and rubber soled shoes, and they take care of the rest! Find a curling tasting session in Scotland at



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