Kilmartin Museum & Glen

Kilmartin Glen is one of Britain’s most significant archaeological areas, and includes stone circles, cairns, and the ancient fortress of Dunadd, where you can stand on the stone footprint where kings of Dal Raita were crowned and perhaps the historical King Arthur as well!

Kilmartin Day Tour

Within a six mile radius of Kilmartin village, there are thousands of prehistoric monuments dating back to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, as well as medieval knights' grave slabs, with a walk through the tranquil Highlands linking them.

You can explore sites that some say are the actual locations of the historic King Arthur.

Visit Dunadd, an Iron Age fort where, at a footprint cut in stone, the kings of the ancient kingdom of Dal Raita were crowned- and, according to some evidence, where Arthur was given the legendary sword of power. In fact, according to one theory, this view overlooks the site of the historic Camelot, as well as a candidate for site of the Battle of Baden, in which Arthur is said to have stopped the encroachment of the Saxons into Scotland.

If you are fascinated by archaeology, ancient history, mysterious legends or King Arthur lore, this magical landscape will linger in your memories forever!

Explore Scotland's astonishing ancient past on a private day tour from Oban with Imagine Alba. Your historian guide and kilted driver will take you to the hard to find spots that can't be missed by anyone who is interested in the history of the Oban area. Get in touch today to discuss your private day tour of Kilmartin Glen on our "Heart of Argyll" tour from Oban.

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