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The Imagine Alba Podcast- An Introduction

Welcome to the first episode of the Imagine Alba Podcast. In Episode One, we introduce ourselves, answer the question, “Why Scotland”? and address Michelle’s poor Gaelic language abilities.

You can listen to The Imagine Alba Podcast Episode 1 here by downloading from iTunes and subscribing:

Or you can listen through our podcast feed:

The first tune in the background music for The Imagine Alba Podcast - Episode 1 is a tune written by Rab called The Mongrel. It's a reel that was recorded with Rab playing mandolin, fiddle, guitar and bass, plus Michelle on bodhrán. This is a traditional Celtic drum played with a 'tipper', which is a beater held as you would a pen. The drum is held by hand and is generally fitted with one or two crossbars to aid grip. The skin is usually made from goatskin. You can get them in all sizes prices, from factory made to bespoke, unique tailor made ones.

The second piece of music is a set of tunes composed by Rab, and his good friend Alistair Watson. On this track Rab plays an instrument called an octave mandola. This is a member of the mandolin family and is played and tuned the same as a mandolin, except the notes are an octave lower. Also on the track Alistair plays cello. The track is called The Washed Up Set, and includes tunes called Washed Up Waltz, Mosey Time and Lonesome Valley Reel.

This track was released on an album called Pilgrims, and musically the duo of Alistair and Rab are called The Kings' Road. You can hear samples of all tracks from the album here and you can download each track or the entire album.

Thanks for listening!

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