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Tobermory Distillery

Established in 1798, Tobermory is the Isle of Mull’s only whisky distillery and one of the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland. It sits at the centre of the vibrant island community from which it takes its name. Under the Tobermory distillery name, the artisan Hebridean Distiller produces Tobermory Whisky and Ledaig Single Malts and, for the first time in its history, Tobermory Gin. Today, it is a thriving, expressive and unique distillery, true to its idyllic location on the Hebridean island of Mull.

Inspired by the expressive nature of Mull, a splash of spirit from the Tobermory whisky stills is added to Tobermory Gin to create a unique character. Distilled on the island with a rich palate of hand-selected botanicals including juniper, tea, heather, elderflower, sweet orange peel, and just a little bit of knowledge from 220 years of history. Best served in a balloon glass, with copious amounts of ice, chilled tonic water, and garnished with a sprig of thyme, a slice of fresh red blood orange, and a dash of dried hibiscus flowers.

Tobermory Distillery has consistently been innovative and unusual, its lone existence on the Isle of Mull has nurtured an artisanal approach to whisky production over the centuries, operating two production cycles during the year. One to produce an unpeated malt, Tobermory while the other creates a peated version, Ledaig.


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